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No rest for the wicked…

Early start for me this morning. Cycled to the gym for a decent session and managed to get back in time for the girl’s breakfast. Then later on ran to the Rosemere Cancer Centre for my chemo appointment.

Routine is very important to me. If I train the morning of a chemo appointment then no matter how bad my side effects are I’ve managed at least one visit to the gym and one run on my treatment week.

Never ran to a chemo appointment before so was a bit of a novelty. Was a great way to clear my head though. It’s tough sometimes going for chemo knowing treatment will make me feel so nauseas I can barely speak (Still, it gives Louise a rest from my constant chatter). I arrived at Rosemere feeling uplifted, serene and ready for anything.

Had a great chat with my new friends Mike and Sheila. We really get to met some lovely people there. Hope your treatment went well today Mike.

Note to self: when running to chemo appointment remember to get changed before being hooked up to my drugs drip. Impossible to change shirts without disconnecting. Never mind.

I’m resting at home now and feeling a little under the weather, but I can’t wait to get back out there once I’m feeling better. What adventures will I have in the weeks before my next treatment?

Thanks for all your kind comments today.


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We are in Best magazine this week. Really glad to have an opportunity to tell our story in the national press. Louise and I really hope that by doing so we are able encourage others to come forward wit their symptoms.

We also hope that people reading it feel motivated to exercise. Not everyone can run a marathon, but most people can do something. My friend Kate, who’s recently been going through chemo, inspires me by getting out and walking to the shops. To some such effort is a real test of their endurance, like a marathon is for others. The key is to stay active, if you’re able.

Thanks to Beating Bowel Cancer for helping us get this piece out there. The article didn’t have as much information about bowel cancer symptoms as I’d like. If you want to know more about bowel cancer symptoms please follow the link:

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Longest ride yet. It wasn’t the fastest pace, but I’m just glad to be getting more cycled miles in my legs.

I’m very tired. In addition to those 26.58 miles I went to the gym and walked for two hours today. I’m gonna have a good night’s sleep, because in the morning I’m tackling Preston Park Run.

Ran it last week with my friends Fay and Shenaz. It was special, as it was Fay’s first and it was Preston Park Run’s 3rd birthday (people wore fancy dress, hence our bum pants). It’s another special one tomorrow I’m running it with another two mates, this time Leona and Helen form Chorlton Runners. Can’t wait. It’s also going be great to see other parkrun buddies, like Matt, Warren and Dave (and others).

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Thanks again everyone!!

It’s been a few days since I helped start the final wave of the Great Manchester Run. . Meeting Paula Radcliffe speaking to thousands and high-fiving hundreds was simply amazing. I don’t think the enormity of what I got to do has really sunk in.

But one thing I’m certain of is that I have been on that podium without all of you. Reading all your comments and seeing how much you believe in me was the greatest thing that happened to me last week.

I’ll sadly never know exactly what you all did, but bit by bit I’m discovering how hard you worked on my behalf and I truly feel blessed to have to your support.

Thanks all of you!