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10010736_10152403848633885_4832478993777975645_oMy name is Ben. I’m a husband and father of three wonderful daughters. I’m also a Bowel Cancer Patient. I’m reluctant to write cancer sufferer, because while it has certainly been an experience I would never say that I’ve really suffered. I have been very lucky with my treatment, the doctors, nurses and other medical staff and I’m very grateful for all the other support we’ve received. To suffer is endure something and I’ve done my best to embrace all the opportunities that cancer has presented to me. I always say that there are many good things to come from having cancer. I’ve made lots of new friends, I’ve retired, which has enabled me to spend lots of time with family and especially my girls (how many young fathers are able to say the same), my retirement has also meant that we went to Disneyland Paris. Being a young patient, I want to show my young daughters (they are 9, 4 and 16 months) that my positive spirit has endured, that I haven’t merely succumbed to cancer and I won’t let illness get in the way of living my life and realising my dreams.

We’ll never stop fighting and living life. Even though I technically have terminal cancer (they can’t cure me) my current treatment is working and I’m surprised about how much I can do. Before my diagnosis I ran a little and did the Great North Run in September 2011. I’d planned to do my first marathon at Blackpool in March 2012, but my symptoms started presenting, I couldn’t train and was diagnosed in March 2012 instead. Funny old life isn’t it? Since diagnosis I have had surgeries on my bowel and liver. I’m now on my fifth course of chemotherapy. Anyway, I’ve started running again and plan to run in the 2014 edition of the Blackpool Marathon in April. After that I’m planning to run six marathons in six months finishing with Berlin in September. Should be fun!!


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ben

    I’m Ross & Ryan Dixons dad – ‘Graham’. Heard you on the radio this morning. Asyou probably know Bernadette (T’wife) and I are in the band – TROUBLE at’ MILL.
    I thought a fund-raising concert to mark the end of your 6 marathons might be a good idea. Ring me if you like

  2. One of the mistakes we make with illness is to suddenly define people who get them by that illness. “He’s a diabetic” or “He’s a schizophrenic” or “he’s got cancer”. people are always much more than the conditions they live with. I am very glad that you are living, fully, and not allowing yourself to be defined by an illness. I wish you every success in your training, but mostly I wish you a full, joyous experience for the rest of your life, which is what we should all be aiming for.

  3. Ben
    Just read about your journey.

    Inspirational. So much so that I have eatem almost a whole plate of mashed potato – a major effort by me at the mo…and thanks to your great example.

    You met my son Nick at Chorlton Runners recently. I’m In China with advanced bowel c, having just completed chemo cycle 2. Flying back hopefully next week.

    Love, family and friends will ensure you make the most of your life.

    Continue to be the man you we destined to be. Husband, devoted father and an inspiration….

    Best, Sean

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