Granada Reports interview 

It was great to travel to Manchester yesterday for an interview on Granada Reports, our local ITV evening news. 

We really enjoyed our last visit here, back in 2014 just before we set off for Germany and my 6th marathon in Berlin.

It’s still feels crazy going being invited into a TV studio and talking to people who are interest in us and what we have to say.  It’s much different to the life we were leading 5 years ago and nothing like the future we had mapped out back then. Life’s funny like that sometimes.

We loved chatting with Tony Morris again. He’s a cracking bloke, very warm and sincere. In fact the whole team is great. They’ve given us lots of support over the years and are only to happy to help if we’ve had an event or a fitness challenge to promote.

Thanks Granada Reports! 


One thought on “Granada Reports interview 

  1. Glad you are ok, not heard anything for a while, good to see you and your lovely family enjoying new adventures. Alison from mill hill. XXXXX

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