On The Wright Stuff today/ RIP Eric

Louise and I are looking forward to appearing on The Wright Stuff later this morning. We’re always grateful for the opportunity to share our story and try and help others by promoting awareness of bowel cancer and symptoms by talking about our experiences of living with the disease. 
Early diagnosis is crucial with all cancers, especially bowel cancer. In 90% of cases patients can be completely cured, if bowel cancer is caught early enough (Read more about bowel cancer symptoms). We hope that by talking about our cancer adventure we might make others aware of the symptoms. If we manage to reach just one family and help stop them going through what we have, then we’ll have succeeded.

We met Matthew Wright at Beating Bowel Cancer’s parliamentary reception in January he’s a lovely bloke who’s done a lot to promote awareness of bowel cancer and symptoms. It’s great to see someone with a public profile using that platform to do so much good. 

But sadly while we are really excited to meet Matthew again and go on his show it’s going to be quite a bitter sweet experience for us. 

The same afternoon we met Matthew in January we we also met a lovely couple Eric, a fellow bowel cancer patient, and his wife Jean. Eric and I bonded over running and our experiences of bowel cancer. At the time Eric’s disease was advanced, but his spirit was undulled and he was just so positive. Eric inspired me with tales of his running adventures. He was unable to run himself, so in April I dedicated the three marathons I ran to him. I also wanted to run the Snowdonia Marathon this year for him. Eric took part in the race years ago and talked enthusiastically about it. Unfortunately, cancer intervened and I had surgery instead. 

We kept in touch and he started a new treatment, which seemed to work for a while. He battled bravely for months and even as his health began to deteriorate his positivity held strong and he enjoyed a lovely early Christmas with his family. He sadly passed away last month. Jean had messaged me to give him a call, but I didn’t get there in time. Cancer is cruel! I’ll miss him loads. 

God bless you Eric. If I run one marathon next year I hope it’s Snowdonia. You provided such a great example to me and should my health fail I hope I’m as positive and dignified as you buddy.


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