Lets do it for Ric!


Cancer is cruel. This week we lost one of life’s true greats.

Ric Clark was a dear mate and a fellow cancer patient who sadly passed away on Wednesday. We were both treated at the Rosemere Cancer Centre at Royal Preston Hospital and bonded over our love of running and our determination to give something back and fundraise for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation​.

Ric was an incredibly warm and cheerful man. I didn’t know him very well, but he taught me a few things about dignity and serenity. Whenever I saw him he was always so upbeat, no matter what he was going through and dealt with. My thoughts go out to his family, especially his wife Leonie and two lovely boys.

In the days since he died I’ve been thinking of the best way to honour him. To me and many others Ric was a superhero, but he was also a fan of superhero movies too. Tomorrow we’ll be wearing superhero shirts as we run and cycle 50 miles, including twice round the Guild Wheel, and it’d be great if as many of you as possible could do the same at the Cheeky Santa Dash​.

Hope to see loads of people wearing Captain America clothing, Superman sweaters, Hulk hats, Thor t-shirts, Batman bandanas or whatever you’ve got you. It’d be great to think of Ric looking down and chuckling at the state of us.

Cheeky Santa Dash on Facebook

Ben’s Bowel Movements on Facebook

We are raising money for three amazing cancer charities. The Rosemere Cancer Foundation, Beating Bowel Cancer and Mummy’s Star. To donate please click



One thought on “Lets do it for Ric!

  1. Always sad when a loved one dies, but something inside us tells us we want to see them again, and we will see them again

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