Wow- I’m the Captain of Lancashire

12009608_887213234699232_2597890301262233102_nI’m overjoyed to be the Lancashire County Captain for the Great Yorkshire Run this morning. It means even more, because the readers of my local paper, the Lancashire Evening Post voted for me.

I’m a very proud Lancastrian (but one with a love of Yorkshire and a wife from Leeds) and when the t-shirt with a huge Red Lancashire Rose and the words County Captain Lancashire arrived I got goosebumps. I can’t wait to get out there and represent my county later!!

Thanks to all those that voted for me!! 🙂

Been feeling under the weather the last few days. I have been fighting an infection for more than a week which has been causing tiredness and a little pain. I’ve had my PICC line taken out, so feeling much better and hoping I can lead the Lancashire runners to victory.


The before photo. I’ve been fighting an infection in my PICC line for almost two weeks. It was causing a lot go pain, so I was relieved to have it taken out…

...and it's out

…and it’s out least now my arm has a chance to heal

…at least now my arm has a chance to heal


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