Day 9 Chester to Llanberis, my last day of cycling

It’s a huge day. I was nervous and a little apprehensive when I started this challenge more than a week ago. I wondered whether I’d made it to this stage and my final day of cycling. There were two mountains and 6 hard days of cycling to get through first.


After Ben Nevis on that first day I was a lot more tired than I expected to be. I though riding through the highlands the day after would take it’s toll. But while it was hard my friend Tim got me through. With each passing day my tiredness had increased. I seem to have been going to bed earlier each day and greedily consuming sleep until there are no hours left and it’s time to wake and prepare for the coming day.


I’m tired for sure and I’ll have a good rest on Sunday night after the Northwest Tough Mudder, but before then I’ve got today to get through. The ride from Chester to Llanberis is a hard one, the toughest of my 7 days of cycling, by a margin- 60 miles with almost a full mile of ascent! I wondered whether I’d make it to this stage, but here we are and I can’t quit now!


My epic 11 day National 3 Peak Cycle and Tough Mudder Challenge:

We are fundraising for three brilliant charities Beating Bowel Cancer​, Rosemere Cancer Foundation​ and Mummy’s Star. To make a donation:


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