Day 8 and the cycle to Chester…

Apologies for not updating this recently. It’s been a tough last few days. Day 5 and the cycle to Ambleside was hard. After a stop off at Keswick and the Pencil Museum (as recommended by Graham Liver on Radio Lancashire) I struggled on the hills leaving the town. It was a very hot day and we were quite exposed on the hillside. It was frustrating to give up on the initial ascent, but after a quite break I got back on my bike and made it second time around. The rest of the day was straightforward and we got to Ambleside for a well earned drink (coffee in my case). IMG_9383

Day 6 was the climb up Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain. The day started badly as we arrived more than 90 minutes late, but improved and we met lots of very interesting people along the way.


I was absolutely exhausted, almost dead on my feet after the climb up. Having been at this 6 days I was beginning to feel worn out. But as I said it was a fab day though and I had lots of support. Walking were my Mum, Stepfather Martin, friends Gwyn and Kenny and the amazing Gemma and Nancy from Beating Bowel Cancer travelled all the way from London to join me. Just shows what a great charity they are. Really fortunate to have such support!


Really glad of Rachel from Macmillan Cancer Support​ based at Rosemere for her and Janet’s help at the start and much needed water and snacks at the end!


After Scafell began three days of cycling. Ending in the hardest day I’ll face on bike, foot or mountain- Chester to Llanberis.


Yesterday though, it was Ambleside to Preston. I was really looking forward to cycling home. I expected it to be a fairly straightforward ride, but I guess nothing is when you’ve been on the road so long and I was very very tired at the end of day 7!

The day started off with a category 4 climb in a fairly hilly section as made our way out ofthe Lake District. I was struggling a little, especially given I was experiencing a stoma blockage too, which really hurt. It all worked out though. The pain subsided a little and the terrain leveled out. Our progress was curtailed a bit when I lost my bike lock key. Found it later in the stitching of my gilet?!


After a brief stop off for a phone interview with Caroline Robertson from BBC Radio Cumbria I had a lovely chat with my Twitter friend Sandra who had waited patiently on our route. We then ploughed on until the Rosemere Unit where I’m treated at Royal Preston Hospital. It’s a little like a second home and if it is a home of sorts, then the people there must be family and that’s how they feel.


I was able to see some of the nurses and Dr Saif, a former Registrar of my Oncologist. He treated me when I was in hospital in January and I appreciated his straightforward approach and kind bedside. A true gent and an excellent doctor!


Before leaving I had a nice chat with a fellow patient David, who also made a donation. Having the support of Doctors, Nurses, staff, volunteers and patients really validates what I’m trying to do and gives me a massive boost!


Getting home to Louise and the girls was great. Loving being at home. Won’t be long until I’m home for good! 🙂 Thanks to Chris for riding with me and again Alan for his unwavering support and logistical nous.


Day 8 today and the cycle from Preston to Chester. To see the rest of my epic 11 day National 3 Peak Cycle and Tough Mudder Challenge:

We are fundraising for three brilliant charities Beating Bowel Cancer​, Rosemere Cancer Foundation​ and Mummy’s Star​. To make a donation:


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