Day 4: to Annan or bust…

Tim and (and his folks) have completed their two day stint. Together we cycled from fort William to stair, covering more than 135 miles and climbing around 7000 feet.

To be clear the last two days have been hard, but it would have been a great deal harder without tim’s experience on the bike and general awareness. Thanks buddy!

We’ve left the highlands now so the terrain should start to even out a little. I’m cycling with my friend Leona who proved her running credentials with a good for age marathon time earlier this year and totally smashed it on the bike yesterday. I’m really grateful for her help. the long hilly roads are a lonely place to be cycling 60-70 miles each day on your own and thanks to Leona I won’t have to.

Today we are cycling from Stair, in Ayrshire, to Annan, in Dumfries and Galloway just about 70 miles, but not as hilly as the last two days.

Let’s go…

Thanks so much for your help everyone. I write this everyday, but it’s true and your belief in me is a big part of me getting here! I’m doing my best to honour your support during my epic 11 day National 3 Peak Cycle and Tough Mudder Challenge:

We are fundraising for three brilliant charities Beating Bowel Cancer, Rosemere Cancer Foundation and Mummy’s Star. To make a donation:


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