Day 1 done and dusted!

Ben Nevis was tougher than I expected and the ascent seemed to last forever, but we all had a blast, me especially.
The views were spectacular and the view went on forever and ever. Such hills the like of which I’ve never seen in the UK. The highlands are a special place and truly deserve their name!
It took us more than 8 hours to climb Ben Nevis. 


I’m a great deal more tired than i expected to be at the end of day 1, but it’s the highest and arguably hardest of the three mountain climbs I face. 
Looking forward to tomorrow and the first day of cycling. It’s going to be a tough tough day from Fort William to Tarbet. It’s 60 miles of hard slog with 3500 feet of ascent, but with Alan offering support in the car and my buddy Tim cycling with me I’m in great hands!

Thanks to Tim’s lovely parents for coming from Bedford to drive him from Preston to Fort William. I’m grateful Tim for his support and really appreciate the generosity of his parents for making it happen.

Tim fixing my bike ahead of the first day of cycling

To read more about my 11 day National 3 Peak Cycle and Tough Mudder Challenge:

My challenge

We are fundraising for three brilliant charities Beating Bowel Cancer, Rosemere Cancer Foundation and Mummy’s Star. 

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