We’re here…

Poor reception here at the foot of Ben Nevis (obviously) so struggling to upload pics. But we are here and about to embark upon day 1 of my epic 11 day challenge.  

Thanks to the excellent driving of our friend Alan, who’s been an organisational colossus, we made it to Fort William in good time yesterday. We even had chance to check our part of the cycle route. It’s hilly, very hilly. It’s gonna be intense and I may have taken on too much this time, but I’m determined and that counts for a lot!

It’s day one of my massive 11 day challenge. The landscape is even more beautiful here than I thought. I’m very lucky to have to me up here amongst such natural beauty and climb Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain.

I never thought in a million years when I was given my terminal prognosis two and a half years ago I’d ever get to do something as amazing as this.
Not many people get to climb the three peaks, cycle between them and do daft Tough Mudders, much less chemo patients with incurable cancer. As hard as it gets or the next few days I won’t take any of this for granted!!
Thanks so much for your help everyone. Your belief in me is a big part of me getting here. I’ll do my best to honour your support during my epic 11 day National 3 Peak Cycle and Tough Mudder Challenge:

We are fundraising for three brilliant charities Beating Bowel Cancer, Rosemere Cancer Foundation and Mummy’s Star. 

To make a donation: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/BensBowelMovements



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