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Worth fighting for…

I shouldn’t be here. 15 months ago I was told I had 6-12 months to live, but then our amazing Oncologist (the Indian Uncle I Never Knew I Had) put me on a new treatment that started keeping my cancer at bay.

Thanks to him and all at the Rosemere Cancer Centre where I’m treated. I’m able to make amazing memories with my wonderful family like this one at Malham Falls in the Yorkshire Dales in February.

We had a magical week at a friend’s cottage. Being able to go on such a trip is only possible through the success of my treatment. I’ve got chemo tomorrow. It’s going to be tough, but my family and all the memories we’ve created give me strength and the steel for the fight!

Thanks everyone! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “From Facebook

  1. Ben. How strong you are! I am following your journey. What a wonderful family you have. I too have terminal cancer. Reading your blogs encourages me to trybto keep up with exercise.
    Your cousin Doreen

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