Berlin marathon aka new PB or bust…

It’s been a funny week. On Tuesday I had a great 5 mile run, an uplifting prayer meeting with some of the guys from church, then back home and straight into the morning routine with the girls. Tried to make the most of it. It’s the last morning we are going to have together for over a week.

Had a lovely walk to school with Skye. We always have such a laugh and sing songs. I’m really going to miss her and her sisters when we are away. Before heading home I went to the gym for a great pre-Berlin weights session.

I’m excited about the marathon, but I love my girls. Time away from them while I’m running these races could prove a little counter productive. If my health should fail I don’t want to regret spending time taking part in marathons, when I could have been with them. I need to make sure every time take my place at the start line I give it my all. That’s what’s going to happen in Berlin. I’m going to leave it all on the course. I can rest when I’m done.

The afternoon was packed with an interview with the lovely Rachel Hurst from Lancashire Evening Post, a much needed catch up with the always patient Gemma Ali from Beating Bowel Cancer and then an unexpected trip to Salford and the ITV studio of Granada Reports. We were chared by all we met and had a real blast. We were worried about talking over each other and coming across as a bickering couple, but it passed without incident.

To see us not fall out (for once) please follow the link:

Had a wonderful time at Granada reports

Had a wonderful time at Granada reports

Didn’t then get much sleep as we hadn’t packed or even bought currency. Thank heavens for our mate Dan who drove us to the airport. In the past few days in Berlin we’ve had a great relaxing time. Just what Louise and I needed. We’ve seen some amazing things, meet some wonderful people and spent valuable time with friends and family that have travelled. Including my brother Will who’s been away in the States for months. I’ve missed him a great deal!

Berlin is an amazing city. So lucky to be here!

Berlin is an amazing city. So lucky to be here!

I registered at the marathon expo and got my race number on Friday. There’s lots of stalls promoting sportswear companies, other marathons on the calendar and many other aspects of running. It was huge and occupied the whole of the old Nazi era Templehof Airport. On the way the most amazing thing happened.

As we were leaving the subway Louise and I were chatting about my fitness challenge and running 6 marathons in 6 months, despite constant chemo for terminal bowel cancer, when I heard someone from behind me asked if I’m Ben. It was surprising to say the least and totally amazing!

It was cool to be recognised in the street all the way over here in Berlin. I know I’m not really famous, but it feels in some small way that I might be making a difference, that we are reaching people and we might really be helping to get the message out about bowel cancer. The extra Facebook likes we’ve gained this week is only going to help us carry on this work.

Lindsey and Leona are from Chorlton Runners, a running club I have no connection to, but have been supporting me ever since I setup my Facebook page. I heard a while back that they had runners at Berlin, but the idea that we’d actually find each other amongst thousands of others is amazing.


Amazing to bump into Lindsey and Leona

Amazing to bump into Lindsey and Leona

Today is the last of my 6 marathons. I’ve run a marathon a month since April. Now it’s the big one… Berlin! I’ve worked hard for this. I’ve had chemo throughout and it’s been cruel. My body has been battered with cancer fighting toxic drugs, but I’ve carried on training. I’ve never lost sight of my goal.

So much has happened since my cancer adventure began

So much has happened since my cancer adventure began

Berlin is a great course and I’ve got a decent chance of running a personal best (anything under 4hrs50 would be great) but whatever happens I’ve done well to get here.

Last year we thought my cancer might kill me, but this year with the help of everyone around me I’ve been fighting hard. With each training run and gym session I feel like I’ve been clawing my life back and gaining fitness. And not just so I can run marathons, but to help me get as strong as possible, so I can fight cancer for as long as possible. I love my life and I’ve no intention of giving it up easily I’ve too much to live for. I want to carry on watching my daughters grow!!

I can’t wait. It’s going to be great!

Ben’s Bowel Movements. Running 6 marathons in 6 months in support of Cancer charities:

Giving page:


I’m on twitter too:


One thought on “Berlin marathon aka new PB or bust…

  1. Hi. Bud did windermere marathon the sametime it feels so long a go .just watching you on radio. Lancashire i think you are a inspiration hope you and your family r ok allthe best ady

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